Portfolio-wide Mission, Vision, and Value Statements

In our last (first) newsletter, I let staff know that one of the leadership team’s priorities was to develop a unified FAS culture.  After several work sessions and vetting with our various department management teams, I’m proud to announce our portfolio’s vision, mission, and value statements.

FAS Vision Statement
The FAS vision statement articulates our desired organizational future (what we will look like years from now).

FAS is a recognized leader and valued partner providing exemplary and responsive support services that enable the university community to transform lives.

FAS Mission Statement
The FAS mission statement broadly describes what we do.

We provide comprehensive, high quality, and adaptive financial and operational services that support the growth and infrastructure of the university to meet the diverse needs of our campus community.

FAS Values
The FAS values serve as a behavioral compass; they are the tenets we hold when making decisions and how we determine what is rewarded and reinforced portfolio-wide.

We are customer service oriented and offer responsive, reliable and seamless support.

We are exceptional caretakers of the resources entrusted to FAS.

We perform our work in a transparent, honest, and accountable manner. We also commit to meeting all compliance and reporting standards.

We are creative and innovative in our service to the campus community.

We believe the best ideas are born from sharing viewpoints, opinions, and perceptions from colleagues with varied backgrounds and experiences.

We work collaboratively across our organizations on common objectives and develop efficient and cost effective systems and processes for campus.

By defining and finalizing our mission, vision, and values, we’ve laid the foundation upon which to build our strategic plan and created a framework from which to base our daily choices and interactions with customers. As the AVPs and I go forward with developing our strategic plans, these guiding principles will provide the context for how we will do the work.

I’d like to extend my personal thanks to all of you who engaged in and contributed to this process. Yet another milestone has been marked.